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FSIGK local root vulnerabilities (2005-10-31)
Xavier has discovered multiple local root vulnerabilities in F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper for Linux. Read TSEAD-200510-4 for detailed information, including an exploit. Password to decrypt the exploit is: N30nTetr4

sbd 1.37 released (2005-08-22)
A new version of sbd has been released which adds the feature of binding to a certain address (e.g. a certain network interface) both when listening and when connecting (unix & win32). Click'n'grab sbd-1.37.tar.gz.

Bank/debit card lookup tool (2005-04-29)
Xavier has written a program to find out which bank a debit or bank card belongs to. The program is written in Python and can be downloaded from tigerteam-bankfix-0.1.tar.gz

Vulnerabilities (2004-12-26)
Xavier has discovered multiple vulnerabilities in AOL website scripts. Read TSEAD-200412-1 and TSEAD-200412-2 for detailed information.

Shellcoding (2004-10-09)
We have recently published Introduction to Shellcoding - a PDF document describing in detail how hackers exploit buffer overflow vulnerabilities.

What is IT security?

IT security is to be one step ahead. This is achieved through knowledge about yourself and the world around you.

In the book The Art of War (about 500 BC), Sun Tzu writes: "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you will survive a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will be defeated."

Read more about the Internet Battlefield >>>

Our speciality is to break into computer systems

tigerteam.se offers spearhead competence within the areas of vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, security implementation, and advanced ethical hacking training. Sanctioned intrusion attempts against your organization's own systems conducted by an outside specialist is the best way to find out if your systems can keep intruders out or not. If you don't audit your security implementation you can never be safe.

Do you want insight?

Let us give your organization the unique insight and understanding into how criminal hackers act, plan and attack, how viruses and worms are created from the very start, and how criminal hackers take over large corporate networks - despite rigorous security measures. We offer this insight through seminars, training (from short intense courses to full hacker training), advice and - last but not least - vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

At the moment we offer very beneficial terms in cooperation with Cycom AB for continuous assessment of your organization's IT security - the only realistic way to keep the security at an acceptable level over time. For more information, see the Continuous Vulnerability Assessment service.

Small and medium-sized businesses are our target groups

Our services are flexible and can be delivered in different levels. We can conduct Vulnerability Assessments at very beneficial prices - you decide how deep you want us to analyze or how many systems you want us to audit. tigerteam.se stands for constant high quality at a good price.

Overview of our services

Vulnerability Assessment
A Vulnerability Assessment identifies vulnerabilities and threats against your computer systems. The final report has a great value, both as business intelligence and as an External Analysis report. It may also serve as the basis for future improvements and streamlining (saving money) in your organization.

Penetration Testing
A Penetration Test takes the Vulnerability Assessment to the next level. A professional hacker enters the roll of an outsider or insider whose goal is to penetrate the customer's computer security defenses in order to truly test security. Here, the final report has an even greater value since it reveals exactly what could be hacked and what couldn't.

Intrusion Detection
This service includes some training, advice, but most importantly the installation of an Intrusion Detection System at the customer's site - without dull license fees. We only work with the best software, competence and experience.

E-mail Sanitation
E-mail Sanitation offers you and your customers a complete protection against viruses, worms, trojans and spam. In cooperation with Cycom AB, we install a superb protection that will solve all your junk e-mail and virus problems, without license fees - with complete support. We can guarantee that at least 95% of all spam and 100% of all viruses, worms & trojans are gone after proper adjustments of the system.

Source Code Audit
50% of all computer intrusions via the Internet occurs through software that contains security holes. We look through your source code before release and ensure that you don't lose money, reputation, or customers in the end.

IT Security Advice
Do you feel like you need to know more from people who know? We would - to the best of our ability - help your organization with whatever issue or problem you may have. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Rent A Hacker!

tigerteam.se has hacked customer bank services on the Internet, webservers, e-mail servers, DNS, routers, switches, intrusion detection systems and more. We happily demonstrate how hacking is carried out. If your organization is interested in a short seminar or further information concerning our services, please contact michel.blomgrentigerteam.se.

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