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Source Code Audit

In the computer security industry we often mean that a vulnerability is a programming error in software. One single security bug can be exploited to take over the whole system the software is running on. This is basically what network hacking is all about. According to Zone-H.org (who tracks the criminal hacker activity on the Internet), most successful intrusions are made possible because of programming errors in source code...

The exploitation of vulnerabilities (security bugs) in software is the dominating method to penetrate and take control over an organization's webservers - including web pages, underlying databases and information. To better understand the terminology, maybe the following can be of some help:

  • Social Engineering: The art of exploiting people's gullibility, and to trick them into revealing passwords or other sensitive information.
  • Brute force attack: Trying every possible code or password combination in an attempt to find the right one.
  • Configuration error: People make mistakes, plain and simple.
  • Vulnerability: A flaw in system security. The term is mostly used to refer to a flaw in computer software.
  • Exploit (verb): As the word suggests, to take advantage of a vulnerability, to make a system do something it wasn't intended to do.
  • Exploit (noun): A small computer program that takes advantage of a vulnerability in computer software.
We have the knowledge and experience that is necessary to quickly and efficiently discover software bugs before the bad guys do. To audit code for security holes before release of new software doesn't only save time and money, but certainly also reputation and - in the end - your customers.

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