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Intrusion Detection

An Intrusion Detection System is a very good investment and should be the first that you think of implementing after firewalls and anti-virus. There are numerous host and network-based IDSs on the market. tigerteam.se works extensively with Open Source Software, especially in this area. Our solution is based on a newly developed version of SENTINIX™.

To be able to adminstrate and monitor a Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) you need to know how criminal hacker attacks looks like. The administrator must have correct knowledge how to exploit so-called buffer overflows, web application holes, etc. to be able to interpret and correlate the alerts that appear in a live situation. tigerteam.se doesn't just deliver the Intrusion Detection System, but also the knowledge how to maintain it on a daily basis through thorough "hacker training".

The system is installed outside the existing environment, that is - simple integration without interfering with other systems. An optimal choice is to segment the NIDS into several sensors for different networks or application designs. That way you will get most out of the system and avoid many false positives. The installation usually takes about 2 weeks - including adjustments - depending on the network size and type of traffic.

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