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Penetration Testing

A Penetration Test takes the Vulnerability Assessment to the next level. Sanctioned intrusion attempts against your organization's own systems is the best method to assess security. Our Vulnerability Assessment service is more analytic than our Penetration Testing service, but an intrusion test practically verifies whether it's possible to steal or manipulate information, use computer resources unauthorized for e.g. illegal purposes (spreading spam, viruses or conducting criminal hacking, etc.).

A Penetration Test can be compared to a health physical. You may not know if your health isn't the best until you've been examined. If you find out what you can do to improve your health, the visit was well worth the money. If the doctor found a serious health problem and you got examined in time, the visit may have been invaluable. The visit is still not in vain even if the doctor concludes that you're in perfect health, that is - then you know for sure that you don't need to invest in more computer security services or security products.

The process and methodology behind our Penetration Testing service can be illustrated in the following manner:

This service is thoroughly documented in NIST SP 800-42 (Guideline on Network Security Testing) (PDF file).

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